One company, one quality, one team!

The VE Group specializes in the design, engineering and production of equipment for the process industry. The company relies on over 65 years of ample experience. Over time we have learned that it is not enough to offer the best possible product. However, our proposition will only be favorable if the price is competitive, if the production is done according to strict quality standards and if the delivery and installation take place as scheduled. Only then can we offer the best possible solution. We are fully equipped to handle large quantity projects and due to our constant development in automation and LEAN manufacturing process we deliver European quality with a short turn around schedule against a competitive price level. With this attitude we have gained the trust of numerous loyal customers worldwide.


Years of ample experience


Experienced and healthy companies


All disciplines together as new

our vision

A reliable and trustworthy partner when it comes to design, engineering and manufacturing technology.

This comprehends all facets of the process. From the clients idea and challenges through the installation and service of the prefect product.

The advantages of chain efficiency


Reducing cost

Having all disciplines under one roof we reduce unnecessary movement of your project to other facilities reducing your overall cost.


Quicker turn around

With a state of the art machine park equipped with automated resources we do not only ensure flawless quality but also decrease your turn around significantly.


Shared knowledge

With decades of experience coming together under one roof we share knowledge on process- and mechanical design as well as manufacturing expertise.


One stop solution

From heat exchangers to thermal maintenance, filtration and valves. All of our end products are compliant to each other and have a proud Dutch origin.

One Company, One Quality, One Team


Automation to ensure flawless quality

To ensure high quality manufacturing standards and quick turn around during new build and maintenance projects we have robotized most of our repeatable processes. Examples of robotized or automated process are orbital tube to tubesheet welding, deburring of tubesheets and baffles at 5.500 rpm, plasmacutting etcetera. Please take a look below at our machine park.

  • Automatic Tube-tube sheet orbital welding
  • Automatic Multi-spindle drilling machine
  • Plasma Cutting Machine
  • Clad Welding
  • Reconditioning machinery
  • Automated submerged arc welding
  • MAUS 2501 tube to tubesheet orbital welding (3 in a row)
  • MAUS Ma-Tig mobile tube to tubesheet orbital welding
  • Galbiati double spindle CNC drill
  • KUKA deburring robots
  • Polysoude Welding
  • Baffletech TWIN 2000
  • KAFO CNC Drilling BMC 3122
Some of our clients

Global companies became loyal partners

our requirements

High quality standards

Our quality, safety, health and environment policy is an integral part of our corporate philosophy and our daily performance. It touches every member of the company. The complete production process, from the beginning to the end, is meticulously standardized and certified.

Design standards
  • ASME VIII div.1
  • EN 13445
  • HPO/PED97/23EC
  • TEMA, Codap Merkblätter
  • PD 5500
  • RTOD
Quality standards
  • ISO 9001-2015
  • TUV EN3842-2/AD-2000
  • ISO 14001
  • E 729
  • U-stamp certified

Operating worldwide

sale offices
United Kingdom Wigan
Saudi Arabia Dammam
U.A.E Abu Dhabi
Nigeria Abuja
Indonesia Jakarta
Ghana Accra
Strategic Alliances

EST Curtiss Wright

Graham VE

News and updates


Helitower commissioning @ HOLBORN

With a warm thank you to our trusted client Holborn Refinery in Germany for sharing this feature film of their successful 2023 TA. In this turn around the installation of an under …

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VE GROUP May update

Our factories are running at full capacity. ONE COMPANY, ONE QUALITY, ONE TEAM…

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Unveiling the Future of Sulfur Solutions

Introducing the thermal maintenance system, designed and manufactured by Vermeer Thermex International. In a rapidly evolving petrochemical landscape, staying ahead means embracing…

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Exciting news. MAUS BaffleTech II 2000 will be delivered soon

MAUS ITALY and the VE GROUP have build up a strong business friendship in the last 20 years. With many of the machine solutions Maus have developed, they are known to build Ferrari…

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Rob Leussink – Vermeer ThermEx International

The Heat is on.. The VE Group is proud to announce that Rob Leussink has been appointed the new Managing Director of Vermeer Thermex International, part of the VE Group in Rotterda…

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Two bundles delivered to Norway

Tubes: P235GH EN10216‐2; 19,05*2,11 (MW) Tubesheets: SA‐765 Gr.II Baffles: P265GH EN10028‐2…

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Our Offices are closed from 22/12/23 until 02/01/24. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to everyone…

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Under the patronage of H.R.H. Prince Saud Bin Nayef Bin Abdulaziz, the Governor of the Eastern Province in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Middle East International Conference &am…

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Oil Industries Club – XMAS

The Oil Industries Club was established in 1925 in London. The OIC organizes her yearly XMAS lunch in the Grand Verde Connaught Rooms in the center of London. The VE Group, as only…

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KAFO CNC drilling machine at work

The VE GROUP is proud to introduce to you our newest member in the family. After 4 weeks of assembly, programming and commissioning the KAFO BMC CNC 3122 drilling machine is up and…

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“The Beast” is ready to rumble

After 3 weeks of hard work by our contractor, they have now full assembled and commissioned the KAFO CNC Drilling BMC 3122 machine. Adding this new CNC drill to our state of the ar…

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Heli Tower® ready for shipment

A word from our Projects team lead; Pieter de Gelder. “Job done 👌! A 22 meter long vertical Heli tower heat exchanger ready for shipment to our client. Total weight of this u…

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Commissioning KAFO in process

A short update and introduction to our new “beast” ! The KAFO BMC CNC drilling machine. Two weeks of hard work by our contractor and today the machine came alive and mo…

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Company outing Vermeer India

Our valued and respected engineering team at Vermeer India had their yearly staff outing. With some nice activities as a team, good food & drinks the team strengthened their mu…

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Vermeer’s Urban Jungle Project

We are situated in the Rotterdam harbor. Looking outside our windows we see containers, the ground is covered with concrete and stone tiles. Green brings happiness in your head. It…

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Preparations for the KAFO BMC 3211

In our machining department located in production facility one we are laying the concrete foundation for the new CNC DRILLING KAFO BMC 3211 machine which will be commissioned in th…

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Decarbonising. Faster. Together! ADIPEC ’23

ADIPEC is an international platform uniting industry to accelerate urgent, collective and responsible action to decarbonise our energy system quicker. Hosted by ADNOC under the the…

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Helixchanger® Helitower installation

The Helixchanger® Helitower that Vermeer Eemhaven International has designed and manufactured in 2023 for our German client was succesfully installed and commissioned on the plant …

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VE-GROUP signs commercial agreement with Masar Elkon for Iraq.

We are very proud to announce that our international prominence has expanded into Iraq which has started with a great collaboration between Masar Elkon and the VE Group. During an …

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Titanium heater delivered to the UK

Our valued customer in the UK has today received their long expected brine heater. Transported by truck and ferry from Rotterdam to Hull. After another 4 hours through the English …

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Vermeer Site Services – Installation

We recently posted the delivery of an exchanger used in the waste incineration process. Our Vermeer Sites Services team, led by one of our project managers, assisted the client wit…

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Waste heat recovery – Heat Exchanger

‘Mackerel sky, mackerel sky – never long wet, never long dry’ The beautiful sky on the background of this picture is a weather phenomenon called cirrocumulus. In …

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Helitower. 18 mtr bundle insert!

For our client in Hungary we are building an 18 mtr long helitower with the Helixchanger heat exchanger technology from our respected licensholder Lummus Technology. Since 1996 und…

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Helixchanger Heat Exchanger, out for delivery

Another Helixchanger heat exchanger of to our client in Hungary. The helix is based upon the helical flow principle. The corkscrew flow results in better heat dissipation and a red…

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Customer visit from the UK !

We had invited our valued costumer from the UK for a visit to our facilities and inspect the evaporator heat exchanger that is nearing completion. With the timeless efforts of our …

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Helixchanger® Helitower delivered in Germany

In June we posted the manufacturing process of the Helixchanger® Helitower. Today the VE GROUP delivered the Helixchanger® Helitower and accessories, on site at the refinery of our…

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This heat exchanger is crucial in the production of iodised salt products. Together with our valued client in the UK we have upgraded the design to make the exchanger last longer a…

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Recently the VE Group has signed an agreement with Robert specializes in employment market communication and will give the VE GROUP the necessary guidance in her r…

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We are proud to announce that we will add another state of the art drilling machine to our production facility. The VE GROUP is unique, constantly finding ways to automate parts of…

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We are very proud to announce that the VE Group and MAUS Italy have signed an agreement for the design and manufacturing of the MAUS Baffletech Twin 2000. With this newest addition…

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Update 10:50 a.m. : All problems have been resolved The VE GROUP is facing problems with regards to the accessibility of the website and mailserver. Our IT department is working ha…

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HELITOWER: How it’s build !

In March we posted in the news feed about a Helitower we were designing at the time. Now a few months later we are in the manufacturing process. The Helitower is a special design T…

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NEN-EN-ISO 3834-2:2021 RENEWED

We are proud to inform you that the VE Group has officially received the NEN-EN-ISO 3834-2:2021 certificate issued by Bureau Veritas. This is an important recognition of our high-q…

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Rotterdam and it’s people are know for their sobriety and hands on mentality. At Vermeer we don’t blab on. We are fully engaged making extraordinary high quality proces…

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ISO 14.001:2015 certification renewed

After the recent audits executed by bureau Veritas, all the entities of the VE Group renewed their ISO 14.001:2015 certification until 2026….

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ISO 9001:2015 renewed

After the recent audits executed by bureau Veritas, all the entities of the VE Group renewed their ISO 9001:2015 certification until 2026….

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Helixchanger ® heat exchanger technology

For a German client we are at the moment manufacturing this Helitower. The Helitower is a special design Texas Tower build under license of Lummus Technology’s Helixchanger ®…

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The VE Group would like to invite you to the Middle Eastern Static Exhibition 2023. As trusted supplier to many end clients in the middle east we will of course be present to see o…

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ONE COMPANY, ONE QUALITY, ONE TEAM. That is what we stand for at the Vermeer Group Family. A solid close professional team which has been building the company since 1955. Each new …

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All I want for XMAS … …! Today at Vermeer, the whole team raised their glasses to a good year that is almost behind us and a very good year that lies ahead. We at Verme…

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The VE GROUP would like to thank you for visiting our stand C10 at the Heat Exchanger World Expo….

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Heat Exchanger World 2022 will be located in the former submarine construction yards (‘Onderzeebootloods’) at the Rotterdam Drydocks ‘RDM’ in the Netherlands. RDM was an important …

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TLE (Transfer Line Exchanger)

This TLE (Transfer Line Exchanger) is ready for conservation. The TLE is build according ASME Code Stamp. Once ready it will be shipped to our end client in Louisiana, USA…

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Airfin Cooler in grade 316L ready for packing and shipment to one of our clients in Angola…

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VE GROUP in the picture

Would you like to know a bit more about our company and learn how we grew out to be one the industry’s leading heat exchanger manufacturers. By clicking this link you will do…

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It’s August but we are and will stay in full swing this summer. Repairs and new build heat exchangers, working around the clock to offer our clients the required capacity….

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Economically Competitive for you!

Quick turnaround and European quality at a competitive price! How? The VE GROUP automated production processes. Here for example you see the MAUS 2501. An Italian work horse which …

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Each year Valero Pembroke chooses a charity they will support throughout the year. This year that is the Pembrokshire Cancer Support. The VE Group together with her partner GPEC ar…

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Pension in the Vermeer Family

It’s Henks last day at Vermeer Eemhaven International. We are sad to watch him leave. Working at the Rotterdam Drydocks, Henk joined Vermeer in the 80’s and unfolded hi…

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VE GROUP | Q2 | staff meeting

Summer is here. The first half year has flown by. At the VE Group we believe it is important that all staff members are informed about the progress the company has made, the challe…

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Emergency delivery for one of our clients in the African region. Hydrotest, packing and transport in just 3 days. Unit was shipped directly to the airport and flown to end user in …

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Shell side pressure test preparation for a stacked heat exchanger. Exchangers are equipped with vapour belts and 3/4” low fin tubes with strength welded tube ends. Material grade o…

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We welcome you to the new VE GROUP website. We are proud to announce that all companies in the group are highlighted in our renewed website….

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ME Static is now under way!

Visit us at stand D4 at the ME Static in the Ritz Carlton Dubai  On 15, 16 and 17 March the “Middle Eastern Static” conference is held in Dubai. The event includes key …

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ME Static 2022

The VE Group will be exhibiting at the coming ME STATIC 2022 on the 15th of March. Please visit an introduction video so find our more about this exclusive oil & gas conference…

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Denver on the Pumps & Valves Antwerp

Vermeer Denver International is exhibiting at the coming Pumps & Valves in Antwerp on 23rd and 24th of March. At the Antwerp Expo on 2 trade show days, you will meet profession…

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VE GROUP partners with GPEC in the UK

We are proud to announce that GPEC ltd in the UK and the VE Group have signed a partnership agreement for the sole representation of the group in the United Kingdom and Ireland. GP…

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RMAK Accra for the VE Group

Director filtration solutions, Mr. R. Brender a Brandis proudly announces that the VE Group appoints RMAK, lead by Mr. R. Mensah Boateng, CEO & Mr. K. Adu, COO in Accra as repr…

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Supply of 13 bundles

Total amount of tubes 29.500 piecesTotal tube length ± 269kmMaterial tube SA-789 UNS32750Tubesheet explosion cladded SA-765 Gr.II with SA-240 UNS32750Tube-tubesheet orbital strengt…

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Offshore bundles 56 tons

The VE Group specializes is the design and manufacturing of shell & tube heat exchangers since 1955. For one of our end clients in Africa we manufactured these two bundles with…

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Preheater ASME VIII div.1 + Norsok

Nice preheater ready for shipment to our client in Norway. Design as per ASME VIII div.1 and Norsok. Material grade CS and Inconel 825 (bellow). As the preheater is hanging underne…

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Heavy Stuff at 193 barg

Heavy stuff! Pressure testing tubeside at 193 barg. The cover is equipped with 3” non standard cap nuts. The lifting lugs of this unit are designed to lift the complete bundle of 3…

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VE Group in HEX World magazine

Efficient specialists since 1955… Rotterdam, The Netherlands…

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TEMA CET Inconel 600

Building up a special type of bundle (TEMA type CET). Tube sheet material F22 + Inconel 600 Weld overlay, Bundle cage (dug and doughnut design) in grade SS331 and Tubes in grade SS…

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LTCS BEM with Monel

Nice Steam Pre-Heater (TEMA type BEM) made from LTCS with Monel tube sheets, tubes and bonnets for one of our clients in Denmark….

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Qualification ADNOC completed

Heat Exchangers fully qualified at ADNOC Vermeer Eemhaven International BV is proud to announce it’s registration and qualification at ADNOC in the United Arab Emirates for : …

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VE Group celebrates

VE Group celebrates 💪🏽 the arrival of the Maus MA 2501 number 3. Together with 2 mobile MA Tig welding robots we offer our end clients flawless manufacturing quality and quick turn…

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The VE Group #Safe&Healthy

These difficult times have forced us to implement the necessary measures to keep our team safe & healthy. This way we are able to stay open and available for our global clients…

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One Pass Floating Head Bundles

Trial fit of two big 1-pass floating head bundles. Both bundles have +2500 size 1” tubes and floating head thickness of 60 mm. Ready for packing and transport to one of our valued …

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Steam Condensor

Nice steam condenser (incl. connection for the turbine above) and two 9Cr channels with TSA coating ready for shipment to our valued customers….

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E.I.L. Approval For Vermeer Thermex International

Engineers India Ltd (EIL) is a leading global engineering consultancy and EPC company. Established in 1965, EIL provides engineering consultancy and EPC services principally focuse…

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Vermeer Thermex International For HPCL-VRMO Project

Vermeer Thermex International is specialized in the design and manufacturing of the “Bolt on heating system” used to maintain process temperature in pipelines, vessels, tanks &…

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254 SMO Explosion Clad

For one of our clients we replaced existing bundle and channel Tubesheet vdTUV 377/3 explosion cladded with 254SMOTubes UNS N08926 – HastelloyTube – Tubesheet strength welded …

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Corporate Social Responsibility Certificate

Climate change is a hot topic nowadays. Sustainability is of great value for our organisation. To achieve our corporate social responsibility goals, we have entered into an agreeme…

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Sulphur Condensor For Scandinavia

Nice sulphur condenser for one of our Scandinavian clients is ready for shipment. This HIC resistant C-steel condenser is build with a 1 degree sloped design and equipped with refr…

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Renewed Certification For The Repair Of Process Equipment

The VE Group is proud to announce that we received a renewed certification of authorization for the repair of process equipment by The National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vesse…

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2 Bundles With Bright Annealed U-Tubes Grade TP316TI

An update from our teamleader projectsdepartment Pieter de Gelder Nice and shiny! In total 2 bundles with each 1132 bright annealed U-tubes in grade TP316Ti. Tubes have been 100% (…

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The VE Group Is Proud To Announce To Have Become A KNPC Approved Vendor

The VE Group is proud to announce that after a thorough audit of the respected KNPC mechanical team at our facility in Rotterdam they approved us as supplier for low and intermedia…

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VE Group New VCA 2017/6.0 Certification

In april 2019 the VE Group and her subsidiaries acquire new VCA certification. VCA 2017/6.0 certification is valid until may 2022….

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VE Group Will Attend ADIPEC 2017

The Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC) is one of the world’s most influential events for the oil and gas industry. As a premium exhibition platfor…

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VEI Is Approved Supplier For KNPC Heat Exchangers

VEI is approved supplier for KNPC Heat Exchangers. You can view the full certificate HERE…

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The VE Group Achieved Iso Certification

The VE Group is proud to announce that al entities in the group received the ISO 14001:2015 certificate. After being audited by Bureau Veritas, our environmental management system …

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New Warehouse Announcement

Vermeer Eemhaven is proud to announce a new warehouse! Due to the increase of activities, Vermeer Eemhaven has outgrown the current warehouse. Vermeer Eemhaven has decided to build…

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Vermeer Eemhaven International Receives A-Status From BP

VERMEER EEMHAVEN INTERNATIONAL RECEIVES A-STATUS FROM BP On 25 October 2016 our facility in Rotterdam has been subjected to a one-day assessment by BP. The QMS assessment returned …

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Vermeer Eemhaven International Acquires A New Client

Vermeer Eemhaven International acquires a new client across the Atlantic Vermeer Eemhaven International have succeeded to obtain a large assignment in the United States of America….

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New Certificate After Successful Inspection By TUV Rheinland

acc. AD 2000-Merkblatt HP 0 and DIN EN ISO 3834-2 Certificate no: 01 202 BE/A-16 0034/REV.00Valid until: January 14, 2019…

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Project Reference: T-Type Gas Particle Filter

Contractor/client: Bumi Armada Project: Angola 15/06 Download below case study for more project information Case study: Bumi Armada…

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New Texas Tower For Norwegian Oil Refinery

The design, engineering and production is done by Vermeer Eemhaven International in Rotterdam. Client: Statoil PetroleumItem: Combined Feed ExchangerTEMA type: CETEmpty weight: 123…

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