That is what we stand for at the Vermeer Group Family. A solid close professional team which has been building the company since 1955. Each new generation that enters Vermeer brings fresh new innovative ideas which means we are constantly moving towards the future.

Since we’ve opened up shop more than 65 years ago, our growth, experience and global commercial connection with end clients has made us a heat exchanger knowledge center recognized by most of the major end clients around the globe.

With a fully automated production process we can build fast with astonishing quality. We have a fully equipped retubing & repair shop clients from all over Europe rely on. But we don’t only build heat exchangers. We specialize in bolt on heating, industrial filtration, high end valves and own special design licenses like the HELIXCHANGER HEAT EXCHANGER by LUMMUS TECHNOLOGY.

Interested to get to know us? When are you free for a cup of coffee.

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Other news


Baffletech twin 2000 @ work

We are proud to announce that last week our newest investment was commissioned in our production facility. Yet another great collaboration between Maus Italia and the VE Group! In

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June update! Summer is here ☀️

Also fed up with the grey, wet and dreadful spring. It seems that summer is finally knocking on our doors. Rain or sun. Vermeer’s Rotterdam facility is packed with projects f

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