Heli Tower® ready for shipment

A word from our Projects team lead; Pieter de Gelder.

“Job done 👌! A 22 meter long vertical Heli tower heat exchanger ready for shipment to our client. Total weight of this unit is 43 metric ton. This exchanger is equipped with 1485 pcs. of 5/8” tubes and almost 200 baffle quadrants”

Did you know:

A Heli Tower® is equipped with helical baffles and has great advantages in comparison to a conventional heat exchanger. This is mainly due to the enhanced heat transfer effect while reducing resistance. The relatively modest size and surface needed enables Heli Towers® to be integrated in an already existing structure. Furthermore, the Heli Tower® heat exchanger is robust, economical and long lasting. Vermeer Eemhaven International is a specialist in the manufacturing of heat exchanger towers in a broad variety of sizes and materials.

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