Vermeer's Urban Jungle Project

We are situated in the Rotterdam harbor. Looking outside our windows we see containers, the ground is covered with concrete and stone tiles. Green brings happiness in your head. It scientifically proven that plants and trees makes one happy, less stressed and more motivated.

Together with the Urban Jungle Project we started this transformation in the beginning of this year. How are we going to get this factory which has been here for 67 years into a small green safe haven in the middle of the industrial zone. No more containers when you look outside but trees, not always in the boardroom for a meeting but outside on a bench in the shade of a tree in front of the entrance.

The Urban Jungle Project has a mission and aims to improve city climates by building urban jungles. By marrying nature to modern technique, we allow green to survive in places where this would usually not be possible. Our solutions help companies deal with threats like heat stress, excessive emissions and heavy rain.

Tomorrow this massive project starts. We are very proud of our agreement with “The Urban Jungle Project” and wish them good luck with the execution of their designs.

bringing back the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees.

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