Exciting news. MAUS BaffleTech II 2000 will be delivered soon

MAUS ITALY and the VE GROUP have build up a strong business friendship in the last 20 years. With many of the machine solutions Maus have developed, they are known to build Ferrari’s for process industry manufactures around the globe. And we know! Most of our machines originate from Italian soil. On our special equipment page you will find that our shop contains many MAUS solutions.

Maus Italia is a world leader in the manufacturing of tools and machinery for the production and maintenance of heat exchangers, condensers and boilers. Maus offers a broad range of products from an individual special mandrel to completely automatic machinery able that performs more operations, all of which are completely designed and directly manufactured by Maus in Bagnolo Italia.

In 2023 the VE Group and MAUS signed an agreement for the design and manufacturing of the NEW BaffleTech twin 2000 machine. Yet another step of the VE GROUP towards a completely automated production chain in the construction of heat exchanger tube bundles.

The Baffletech twin 2000 allows the simultaneous flare of the holes on both sides of the baffle in a single pass without the need for additional operations thanks to two opposing heads which are equipped with self-centring tools. The baffle is loaded on one the side of the machine, proceeds along roller tables thanks to motored arms, which once the flaring phase is finish, will bring the baffle to the unloading position. This process is done completely by hand at the moment with a conventional drill which takes a significant amount of time.

With this revolutionary new solution coming from Bagnolo we are able automate yet another process in the manufacturing of heat exchanger, shortening our delivery schedule and ensuring flawless quality for our customers. We expect to add this new technology to our fabrication shop in May 2024.

Want to know more about how this equipment can be of added value to you as a client. Contact us via the contact page.

Baffletech in production at MAUS for Vermeer
Take a look at the MAUS Baffle Tech twin 2000

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