Commissioning KAFO in process

A short update and introduction to our new “beast” ! The KAFO BMC CNC drilling machine.

Two weeks of hard work by our contractor and today the machine came alive and moved around for the first time. Another week of final assembly and commissioning and the KAFO can go to work. With the KAFO we add another piece of high end equipment to our machine park bringing even more efficiency and quality to our manufacturing process.

Other news


KAFO CNC drilling machine at work

The VE GROUP is proud to introduce to you our newest member in the family. After 4 weeks of assembly, programming and commissioning the KAFO BMC CNC 3122 drilling machine is up and

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"The Beast" is ready to rumble

After 3 weeks of hard work by our contractor, they have now full assembled and commissioned the KAFO CNC Drilling BMC 3122 machine. Adding this new CNC drill to our state of the ar

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