New Warehouse Announcement

Vermeer Eemhaven is proud to announce a new warehouse!

Due to the increase of activities, Vermeer Eemhaven has outgrown the current warehouse. Vermeer Eemhaven has decided to build a new warehouse at the current location. The warehouse foundation and framework has already been laid/build. The new building will provide more space and will make it easier for suppliers to unload. The construction of the warehouse is planned to be finished 31-12-2016. The construction of the warehouse will not influence our daily activities.

Other news


Exciting news. MAUS BaffleTech II 2000 will be delivered soon

MAUS ITALY and the VE GROUP have build up a strong business friendship in the last 20 years. With many of the machine solutions Maus have developed, they are known to build Ferrari

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Rob Leussink - Vermeer ThermEx International

The Heat is on.. The VE Group is proud to announce that Rob Leussink has been appointed the new Managing Director of Vermeer Thermex International, part of the VE Group in Rotterda

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