Heat Exchangers from Rotterdam

Vermeer Eemhaven International. Heat Exchangers specialists since 1955

We have come a long way! Our roots lie here on these grounds in Rotterdam. On this plot of land, we have build a large manufacturing facility in the last decades and with direct port- and road access we are situated in the heart of the Dutch petrochemical industry. Together with the head office, here all disciplines come together and form the VE GROUP.

Vermeer in 1955

The VE Group has five modern fully equipped production facilities. That’s how we ensure an efficient routing of the manufacturing process. We offer you various kinds of machining, such as drilling, milling, turning, plasma cutting and grinding. All the most modern digitally controlled equipment.

A significant percentage of our products reach end clients on all continents around the globe. Through the years we have made all the design codes and standards our own and therefor allowing us to work in almost every field of the industry.

With an excellent projects department we have build up long lasting relationships with numerous end clients. With branch offices located in the Middle East, Asia, United Kingdom and Africa we are continuously on the ball when new projects and turnarounds arise.

VE GROUP   One Company, One Quality, One Team!



+65 yrs

Ample manufacturing experience


Man hour capacity to ensure short delivery schedules


Professionals with decades of design and manufacturing experience


global supplier, exporting nearly half of its turnover

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Transfer line exchanger

The TLE (Transfer Line Exchanger) is used for the cracking process of various gas and liquid feed, mostly ethylene processes. By imprving ethylene yields it maximizes the energy re…

More about our Transfer line exchanger

Full service partner

Vermeer Eemhaven International offers a one stop solution. We advise you on the process and design of the exchanger. We manufacture the exchanger. We commission and we maintain your exchanger giving you confidence that your equipment is in good hands at Vermeer throughout its lifecycle.


Innovative engineered solutions

Engineering experience is something you obtain by repeating the same steps over and over again, with a keen eye on ways to improve not only the end-result, but also the way to get there. Vermeer Eemhaven International makes full use of the technical expertise it has obtained over the years, enabling its customers to benefit from sound advice in all related areas. Vermeer Eemhaven International has a highly skilled engineering staff, familiar with the latest computer aided design tools. We are accustomed to creating designs according to client specifications. We comply with all known approved international design codes for pressure vessels and we also offer heat transfer calculations, HTRI and finite element analysis.


State of the art machining

We completely rely on our own machining shop and the people who run it. Consequently, we are able to perform any kind of drilling, turning, milling and plasma cutting in order to bring about a quick turnaround and a high level of efficiency. Each CNC controlled machine we apply is equipped with a fully automated tool repository. In this way, we are able to assimilate almost all materials up to a thickness of 600 mm with a 3.000 mm diameter. Want to know more? Check out our equipment page!


Highly skilled welders

Any product is as strong as its weakest weld ! In essence, the quality of our products is defined by the quality of the welds being used. Since our know-how about welding is second to none, we offer a product quality that is indisputable. We run a state of the art welding shop that offers you expert quality and a quick turnaround to meet your needs. In order to monitor the quality level of our work, we have two fully equipped NDO bunkers where independent quality inspectors can examine components with a diameter of up to five meters. Next to our manual welding equipment, we use five fully automated laser-controlled orbital welding robots. The MAUS 2501 is able to accelerate the process by 50% and performs flawlessly. Several semi automatic Polysoude welding heads add up to a state of the art, high capacity profound welding shop.


Service & Aftermarket Support

With a team of service engineers we call our MacGyvers and a fleet of fully equipped service vans we are available 24/7 for emergency heat exchanger repair and are involved in maintenance of process equipment during turnarounds on site. Since long we are specialist in the “Pop-a-Plug” system by EST Curtiss Wright. This unbeatable tube plugging brand mentioned in the ASME code for maintenance is on of the many services we offer.


Chain efficiency

Because our companies work in different industrial disciplines, the synergy between them increases the overall specialization. Another advantage is that we’re able to separate components and large orders optimally within the group while keeping the final responsibility at one central point.


Planning is everything

At Vermeer we take our planning seriously. We plan our resources, personnel, time and budget in Primavera P6 to keep you up to date at all times throughout your project. Our planning engineers identify the critical path of the projects and manage changes to the design and construction strategies over the life of it to ensure delivery schedules are met and our exchangers will be on site when you need them to be.


Engineering capacity at hand

Established in 2009, Vermeer India acts as our extended engineering department for all special projects. A team of 15 skilled colleagues provide extensive assistance to our departments in The Netherlands. Fully owned by the Vermeer Family we are familiar with all design codes and client specifications and can handle qualifications and requirements from customers around the globe.

our requirements

High quality standards

Our quality, safety, health and environment policy is an integral part of our corporate philosophy and our daily performance. It touches every member of the company. The complete production process, from the beginning to the end, is meticulously standardized and certified.

Design standards
  • ASME VIII div.1
  • EN 13445
  • HPO/PED97/23EC
  • TEMA, Codap Merkblätter
  • PD 5500
  • RTOD
Quality standards
  • ISO 9001-2015
  • TUV EN3842-2/AD-2000
  • ISO 14001
  • E 729
  • U-stamp certified

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One Air fin cooler with collectors

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Combined Feed Exchanger (Texastower)

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