Waste heat recovery - Heat Exchanger

‘Mackerel sky, mackerel sky – never long wet, never long dry’ The beautiful sky on the background of this picture is a weather phenomenon called cirrocumulus. In Holland we call this “schapen wolkjes/sheeps clouds) and they are viewed as likely forerunners of stormy weather.

Main subject of this picture of course is another nice piece of equipment ready to be transported to our Dutch client who is incinerating waste from dutch industry and households. The heat recovered from the incineration by the exchanger is used for district heating.

District heating from biomass is an important contribution to the development of sustainable energy supplies in EU countries.

The exchanger is a BEM designed under PED 2014/68/EU – EN13445-3 TEMA R. With 3774 tubes, a design temperate of 200 degrees C and a design pressure of 30 Barg it will will have an in service weight of approximately 34.000 kg.

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