VE GROUP | Q2 | staff meeting

Summer is here. The first half year has flown by. At the VE Group we believe it is important that all staff members are informed about the progress the company has made, the challenges we face and what lies ahead in the coming 6 months. Hence, in the quarterly staff meeting, our CEO, Paul Blonk informs all colleagues about the results, strategy and future of the Group.

Friet 2 Vermeer

After completing many projects successfully in the last 6 months we thank everybody for their hard work and unbridled commitment. We celebrate this with a typical dutch lunch for everybody… “Frieten en Frikandellen”.

Eet Smakelijk!

One Company, One Quality, One Team!!

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It’s August but we are and will stay in full swing this summer. Repairs and new build heat exchangers, working around the clock to offer our clients the required capacity.

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Economically Competitive for you!

Quick turnaround and European quality at a competitive price! How? The VE GROUP automated production processes. Here for example you see the MAUS 2501. An Italian work horse which

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