Titanium heater delivered to the UK

Our valued customer in the UK has today received their long expected brine heater. Transported by truck and ferry from Rotterdam to Hull. After another 4 hours through the English countryside it arrived on site at the clients facility. Today is installation day which means that the exchanger will be craned into place to be be commissioned later next week.

Together with the client we have researched ways to upgrade the efficiency and the lifespan of the heater. With several process and mechanical re-designs we concluded that Ti grade 2 would be the best option for the process. This decreased the total weight of the exchanger by almost 16 tons.

The brine heater is equipped with 2260 SB-338 Gr.2 (Titanium grade II) seamless tubes and tube sheets made out of SB-443 N06625 (Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum Alloy).

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