VE Group celebrates

VE Group celebrates┬á­č嬭čĆŻ┬áthe arrival of the Maus MA 2501 number 3.┬áTogether with 2 mobile MA Tig welding robots we offer our end clients flawless manufacturing quality and quick turnaround shedules around the globe.┬á

The MA-2501 CNC work centre allows single TIG orbital welding and double-axis performance of rolling expansions, facing of tube bundle tubes and the grooving of tube sheet holes of medium to large diameter. Completely automated processes with flawless quality and with a significant reduction in production times.

The MA-2501 work centre is the most technologically advanced product on the market for the automation of work cycles in the assembly of tube bundle heat exchangers. thanks 

and wishes all a healthy but above all happy new year!! 

VE Group… efficient specialists…

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It’s August but we are and will stay in full swing this summer. Repairs and new build heat exchangers, working around the clock to offer our clients the required capacity.

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Economically Competitive for you!

Quick turnaround and European quality at a competitive price! How? The VE GROUP automated production processes. Here for example you see the MAUS 2501. An Italian work horse which

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