Heat Exchanger World Conference & Expo Europe premiers 01-11-2022

Heat Exchanger World 2022 will be located in the former submarine construction yards (‘Onderzeebootloods’) at the Rotterdam Drydocks ‘RDM’ in the Netherlands. RDM was an important shipyard for shipbuilding, ship repair and machine building in Rotterdam between 1902 and 1996, employing 7,000 people at its peak. In 1928 a dedicated submarine hall was built where three ships could be built side by side in secrecy. Today the towering ceilings invoke this rich heritage, while outside the original cranes used to launch the submarines are still in place.

Please register here or by clicking on the picture and visit us at booth C10

Other news


Exciting news. MAUS BaffleTech II 2000 will be delivered soon

MAUS ITALY and the VE GROUP have build up a strong business friendship in the last 20 years. With many of the machine solutions Maus have developed, they are known to build Ferrari

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Rob Leussink - Vermeer ThermEx International

The Heat is on.. The VE Group is proud to announce that Rob Leussink has been appointed the new Managing Director of Vermeer Thermex International, part of the VE Group in Rotterda

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