Flow equipment

In almost any industrial environment, accurate and reliable flow measurement equipment is essential. The knowledge Vermeer Process acquired over the years has resulted in a complete range of applications.

Our flow equipment is used in processes involving water, oil and gas, air, steam, waste water en various other kinds of fluids. Vermeer Process is also able to design and manufacture special systems to suit specific customer requirements. Quite often, those systems are differential pressure systems. They include orifice plates, Venturi tubes, Pitot tubes and flow nozzles.

Orifice plates
Orifice plates are common devices in our range of flow equipment products. The come in ‘concentric square edged’ for general application, ‘conical entrance’ or ‘quarter circle’ for low Reynolds number flows and ‘segmental’ or ‘eccentric’ for flows containing light solids and slurries.

Orifice fittings
Adapters for the quick insertion and removal of orifice plates. The principle is based on differential pressure technology. As the fluid approaches the orifice plate, the pressure rises slightly. When the fluid has passed the orifice plate, the pressure drops abruptly. This allows the flow rate to be inferred from the from the pressure differential.

Flow nozzles
In certain circumstances such as high temperature or high flow velocity, flow nozzles tend to perform better than orifice plates. Their rigid construction makes them suitable for those conditions. Besides, flow coefficient data at high Reynold numbers is better documented for nozzles and the flow capacity of a nozzle exceeds that of a plate by 65%.

Venturi tubes
When pumping costs are essential, Venturi tubes can provide the solution. Their purchase price is higher than the price of plates or nozzles, but the differential pressure they produce is between 10 – 30%, while the DP of plates is between 40 – 90%. Venturi tubes come in two types: the Venturi nozzle and the classical Venturi. Both have a convergent inlet section and a divergent outlet section.

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