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The core of our business lies in the manufacturing of heat exchangers, air coolers, condensers and pressure vessels for various industries. The concept underneath is aimed at seamlessly commissioning the highly engineered and cost effective manufacturing and servicing of industrial equipment.

Vermeer Eemhaven International is more than familiar with the fabrication and servicing of heat exchangers for the petrochemical industry and has a wide experience in working with almost any (exotic) material you can think of.

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Transfer line exchanger

The TLE (Transfer Line Exchanger) is used for the cracking process of various gas and liquid feed, mostly ethylene processes. By imprving ethylene yields it maximizes the energy re…

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Heat Exchangers

A heat exchanger is a relatively straightforward product in almost every industry. It is, however, not a piece of equipment to take for granted. Thanks to our know-how and experien…

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Helixchangers® Heat Exchangers

Not only are we one of the licensed manufacturers of Helixchanger®; we also manufactured the largest (high alloy) Helixchanger® in the world. We have produced this special type of …

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Heli Tower®

A Heli Tower® is equipped with helical baffles and has great advantages in comparison to a conventional heat exchanger. This is mainly due to the enhanced heat transfer effect whil…

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Condensers are based upon the same principle as heat exchangers. In most cases, its function is to transform a substance from a gaseous state to a liquid one, by cooling it. Vermee…

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Air Coolers

Vermeer Eemhaven International specializes in the manufacturing of new installations in all available special materials. In addition, we have the expertise and all the necessary eq…

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Sulfur Condensers

Sulfur condensers are used in the treatment of crude oil in order to separate sulfur from the main product. The steam that is to be condensed during the process contains a high amo…

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Pressure Vessels

Vermeer Eemhaven International knows pressure vessels and knows how to make them – from relatively small ones to really large ones. We build pressure vessels for clients in the che…

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