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Denver International was established in 1988, and joined the Vermeer Group in 2016 to become Vermeer Denver International BV. A new team of professional valve experts as well as commercial salesforce strengthens our position on the industrial world market. Our goal is to supply the correct valve for the specified application in a timely manner. Our engineering department also contributes to the development and design of special valves for the most demanding of applications.

VDI ‘s delivery program includes:

  • Gate Valves: standard, specials like : pressure sealed, breach lock
  • Globe Valves: standard, specials like: pressure sealed, bellow sealed, breech lock
  • Check valves: standard, specials like: tilting disc, duo-check
  • Ball Valves: Standard, specials like: floating ball, trunnion mounted ball, metal seated
  • Plug valves: Standard, lubricated, sleeved
  • Butterfly valves: standard, specials like: wafer type, lugged type, flanged, triple offset, metal seated
  • Needle Valves
  • Double block & bleed valves
  • Multi port valves
  • Clamp-On heating-jackets for valves

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A heating jacket is used to insulate a valve as an alternative to double wall valves. This aluminum bolt on jacket that has a small heating chamber buried in aluminum. Stainless st…

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Butterfly valves are a family of quarter-turn valves and work very similar to ball valves. The ‘butterfly’ is a disk connected to a rod. When the valve opens, the disk rotates to a…

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A globe valve is a type of control valve that is used to modulate flow. Though a globe-shaped body is a typical characteristic of globe valves, they can come in a variety of shapes…

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A ball valve is a quarter-turn valve, meaning that the handle only needs a 90° turn to fully open or close the valve. The main components of a ball valve are The stem, connects to …

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A gate valve is a control valve that either allows media to flow through unobstructed or stops the fluid flow. The main advantage of a gate valve is the straight-through unobstruct…

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Check valves are unidirectional valves that ensure media flows in only a single direction. There are several check valve styles that perform unidirectional media flow like a ball, …

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A Plug Valve are used to control and regulate flow control of a liquid or gas within a high-pressure system. As well as basic control of flow via throttling, plug valves can be use…

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Needle valves is used as an on-off valve or to regulate the flow rate. Mostly manually operated and used for low flow rates. These valves can be used in one flow direction. The pre…

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