The latest on the activities and achievements of the VE Group


Heli Tower® ready for shipment

A word from our Projects team lead; Pieter de Gelder. “Job done 👌! A 22 meter long vertical Heli tower heat exchanger ready for shipment to our client. Total weight of this u...

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Commissioning KAFO in process

A short update and introduction to our new “beast” ! The KAFO BMC CNC drilling machine. Two weeks of hard work by our contractor and today the machine came alive and mo...

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Company outing Vermeer India

Our valued and respected engineering team at Vermeer India had their yearly staff outing. With some nice activities as a team, good food & drinks the team strengthened their mu...

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Vermeer's Urban Jungle Project

We are situated in the Rotterdam harbor. Looking outside our windows we see containers, the ground is covered with concrete and stone tiles. Green brings happiness in your head. It...

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Preparations for the KAFO BMC 3211

In our machining department located in production facility one we are laying the concrete foundation for the new CNC DRILLING KAFO BMC 3211 machine which will be commissioned in th...

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Decarbonising. Faster. Together! ADIPEC '23

ADIPEC is an international platform uniting industry to accelerate urgent, collective and responsible action to decarbonise our energy system quicker. Hosted by ADNOC under the the...

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Helixchanger® Helitower installation

The Helixchanger® Helitower that Vermeer Eemhaven International has designed and manufactured in 2023 for our German client was succesfully installed and commissioned on the plant ...

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VE-GROUP signs commercial agreement with Masar Elkon for Iraq.

We are very proud to announce that our international prominence has expanded into Iraq which has started with a great collaboration between Masar Elkon and the VE Group. During an ...

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Titanium heater delivered to the UK

Our valued customer in the UK has today received their long expected brine heater. Transported by truck and ferry from Rotterdam to Hull. After another 4 hours through the English ...

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Vermeer Site Services - Installation

We recently posted the delivery of an exchanger used in the waste incineration process. Our Vermeer Sites Services team, led by one of our project managers, assisted the client wit...

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Waste heat recovery - Heat Exchanger

‘Mackerel sky, mackerel sky – never long wet, never long dry’ The beautiful sky on the background of this picture is a weather phenomenon called cirrocumulus. In ...

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Helitower. 18 mtr bundle insert!

For our client in Hungary we are building an 18 mtr long helitower with the Helixchanger heat exchanger technology from our respected licensholder Lummus Technology. Since 1996 und...

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