VE GROUP, efficient specialists…

The Vermeer Eemhaven group was established in 1955. For over 65 years, the company has run a successful concept in design, manufacturing and repair all types of heat exchangers and related products, such as (advanced) shell & tube, Helixchanger ® heat exchanger, waste heat gas water heaters, air coolers, condensers and small vessels.

After 50 years of building up experience in Netherlands, the VE Group started exporting to European countries. This resulted in becoming a global supplier, exporting more than 40% of it’s turnover to the United States, Africa, Middle East, Russia and Asia.

Being a trusted supplier Vermeer was asked to also supply other equipment for the industry. The one stop solution was implemented and process filtration, valves, process heating was added to the portfolio by acquiring several experienced companies.

Now in 2019 the VE Group is a well known brand in the industry and together with our partners we offer flawless quality at a reasonable price with unbeatable delivery schedules.

We keep all disciplines and skills under one roof. Four modern production halls enable a highly efficient production. Every facility is equipped with all the necessary computer-controlled machines for drilling up to 600 mm, milling, turning and grinding. The various departments are linked through a computerized information transfer systems, which takes care of an efficient workflow – from sales to transportation. The independency, flexibility and efficiency we obtain by doing so, make us what we are: a strong and mature. A global player with a friendly and reliable face.

The VE Group aims to fully satisfy its customers. Our efforts are therefore concentrated on quality systems (ISO 9001), core specialization and a flat and efficient organization. This results in competitive prices and short time delivery.